Route 1Edit

Part 1

Tall grass grows on Route 1, and you can catch wild Pokemon in the grass if you have Poke Balls. Catch wild Pokemon and add them to your party for your adventure.

The wild Pokemon here are Lillipup and Patrat.

Professor Juniper teaches you how to catch wild Pokemon and gives you 5 Poke Balls to start out with.

Part 2

Surf over from Part 1 to access Part 2.

Over here, Herdier, Scraggy, and Watchog appear in the wild. On the water's surface only Basculin appears. 3 Trainers await to challenge you. There are 2 items over here.


  • First visit

Poke Balls x5


  • After getting Surf

Max Ether


  • After defeating Pokemon Ranger Brenda

Persim Berry

  • After defeating Pokemon Ranger Claude

Persim Berry