Route 2Edit

Route 2 is a short road to connect Accumula Town and Striaton City. On the way to Striaton City, Pokemon Trainers are waiting to challenge you to battles.

On Route 2, Purrloin appears as well as Lillipup and Patrat. Rustling Grass also appears rarely. In here, a Pokemon called Audino will appear. When you get on Route 2, your mom will call on the Xtransciever and then hang up. She will then give you the Running Shoes, allowing you to run.


She has one more Pokemon than the last time and her first Pokemon's level has increased by two.

If you chose Snivy: Oshawott and Lillipup

If you chose Tepig: Snivy and Lillipup

If you chose Oshawott: Tepig and Lillipup